A night of noir in Winnipeg

“Noir is a state of mind — an exploration of corruptibility, ultimately an expression of humanity in all its terrible frailty.” David Nickle, from his Afterword; The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir

It was a terrific night of moral ambiguity, human perversion, boxing, demons, zombies, cannibals, tough guys, and femme fatales. Last night at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, MB, my own humble self, alongside fellow short storyists Keith Cadieux and Chadwick Ginther, presented excerpts from our most recent tales, all found within the pages of The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir.

The crowd was enthusiastic; the excerpts, thrilling. Speaking on behalf of all the authors present, we had a blast. There’s hardly a better thrill, for an author, than reading your work aloud and not being ridiculed.

Maybe that’s just me.

Anyhoo, here’s some pics from the evening. Enjoy!

“Don’t let anything slip out.” Keith Cadieux reads from his story “Donner Parties” from The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir.

“There’s always a bigger monster.” Chadwick Ginther reads from his story “The Last Good Look” from The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir.

“Faith doesn’t move mountains; it just obscures the view.” Corey Redekop reads from his story “Moot” from The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir.

Three authors, no waiting!

Corey Redekop greets one of his three fans.