Win a copy of Shelf Monkey (and some others)!

In my continuing quest to promote Brian Francis’ novel Fruit as the pick for CBC’s 2009 Canada Reads contest, I would be remiss if I were not to remark on a very cool side contest CBC has on at the moment.

Each week, a set of books is offered from each novel’s publisher, and this week, it’s ECW Press’ turn.

From the website:

Here’s how to get in on the action: we’ll post a new question weekly. E-mail the correct answer to, with the subject line PUBLISHERS’ PRIZE PACK, and you will be eligible for a draw to win the books. Include your name, address and phone number. Only one entry per person per day.

This week, a set of books of Canadian fiction donated by ECW Press. The prize pack includes the following books and a Canada Reads book bag:

Shelf Monkey, by Corey Redekop
I, Tania, by Brian Joseph Davis
Joyland, by Emily Schultz
Entitlement, by Jonathan Bennett
To Be Continued Volume, by Gordon jh Leenders
Dora Borealis, by Daccia Bloomfield
A Week of This, by Nathan Whitlock

To enter, just tell us:

Peter Paddington, the main character of Fruit, is in which grade at Clarkedale Elementary?

1) four
2) six
3) eight

You can enter our regular weekly contest, too — but you must send your answer to that contest in a separate e-mail with the subject WEEKLY CONTEST.

How cool is that? And these are damn good books. Entitlement was one of my favourite reads of last year, Joyland was a blast, A Week of This was hugely well received, and Shelf Monkey is, honestly, the seminal masterpiece of the 21st century (and I’m not a man given to hyperbole).

So, get off your duff and spend the minimal amount of energy required to enter!  It couldn’t be easier! Wait, yes it could – the answer is 3) eight.