Who’s Reading What This Summer? Episode 3 – Jim Munroe

While I lick my wounds and hang my head at not making the shortlist for this year’s Relit Awardside note: I’m tired of being unappreciated in my lifetime – I thought I’d better present the next chapter in my ongoing series on the book-reading habits of people who interest me.

Today’s participant: Canadian novelist (Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask, An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil) and darling of the independent publishing world Jim Munroe

Jim’s Bio:

Jim Munroe, 35, is a “pop culture provocateur” according to the Austin Chronicle, and Time Out Chicago dubbed him an “independent press icon”. After leaving HarperCollins for political reasons, he founded No Media Kings and published five books, the most recent one a post-Rapture graphic novel called Therefore Repent! He also started The Perpetual Motion Roadshow, an indie touring circuit that sent 100 artists on the road between 2003-2007, and currently he is running the Artsy Games Incubator, a writer’s-circle style group helping creators without programming skills make videogames. He lives in Toronto with a crafty ladyscientist and their bafflingly attractive baby.

Jim is also a heckuva nice guy, and his site is filled with useful info on all aspects of getting your book published with minimal outside help. And if you haven’t read Flyboy yet, shame on you.

Jim’s summer readings:

Two books I heard about at Wiscon that I’ve just started:

Wit’s End, Karen Joy Fowler
One of the main characters is a mystery writer, and I’m interested in the genre — and esp. Fowler’s take on it as she’s a genre-jumper.

Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly
This came up during one of the panels about parenting and SF/fantasy, about a couple who’re asked to kill a dragon. While it’s got a dead-boring by the numbers cover, the first chapter has got a nice balance of realistic character and world detail, defusing the myths of yore without an obvious satiric approach.