What’s it all about, Corey?

Well, it depends on what you mean by it.

If you mean my novel Shelf Monkey, you can read about it here.

If you mean my upcoming novel Husk, well, at the moment it’s about 380 pages, although that will change with formatting and editing.

If you mean the website, it’s about me. I thought that would be clear from the URL.

So, yes, this website is about me, Corey Redekop; the man, the myth, the meshugana. It’s about my novels and writings, and maybe it will expand. Currently, I keep a blog at http://shelf-monkey.blogspot.com, but I may drop that once this site becomes fully operational. Haven’t decided yet. I do like reviewing books (as the blog mainly does), but perhaps keeping the sites separate will help distinguish this more overtly promotional site from its more review-oriented predecessor.

But we’re here to talk about this site. It’ll be promotional, for myself and my works. It’ll serve as a hub, a base of operations. It will discuss my new novel Husk and accompanying tours and reviews, and any other new endeavours that might still come down the pipe, or tubes, or whatever the Internet is.

Right now, I’m still working on Husk. The edit is in its final stages, and possible covers being designed by my personal god of book design, David Gee. Husk is a strange beast for me, a deformed monster that rattled its way through the caverns of my brain until it found an avenue out through my left nostril and dripped itself onto my keyboard. Eww.

And what do you know, it is a monster novel. A zombie novel. The great Canadian zombie novel, if I had my way, but if I must be perfectly honest, Tony Burgess beat me to it.

Or better yet:

Husk: the Great Canadian Gay Mennonite Zombie Novel.

How does that strike you? Strikes me just fine.

I’ll let you know what’s up from time to time, and hope that you’ll join me on this new adventure into the thrilling new world of Canadian zombie humour, especially if you’ve lost your DVD copy of Shaun of the Dead.