Sheldon Funk: the major Hollywood player

As you may have seen, the cover of Husk is a study in minimalism, a stark, creepy, blank-eyed plastic mask that stares out of the cover on a field of white.

Book designer wunderkind David Gee is the man behind the design, and I will forever be in his debt.


Some of you are likely aware that the image on my earlier novel Shelf Monkey now takes up residence on my right shoulder, as in, I got mad ink, yo. I briefly pondered making this a personal theme — each book, a new tattoo — but gazing upon that creeped-out cover made me realize that some things are not meant to be.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with it. And through the magic of photoshop, I have indeed had fun, placing the face (hereinafter named Sheldon Funk, hero of Husk) in a variety of places, hoping to perhaps begin a craze, a viral sensation, a meme. It hasn’t occurred yet, but I’m sure this posting will rectify that.

Sheldon is an actor, you see, and as such had long dreamed of a career in the starlights, having his choice of roles, picking and choosing from offers like so many ripe grapes on the vine. Alas, reality is a harsh mistress, and stardom is, as for us all, way out of reach.

But while he suffers in the novel, I can’t bring myself to punish him off the page. And so I present Sheldon Funk, the greatest undead actor of all time, playing the roles he could only dream of.

I may later have a photoshop contest, but for now, I’ll simply keep adding images for fun. Feel free to share.