Reasons I’m looking forward to looking forward, i.e. books!

How excited am I? THIS excited!

Because not every post can be a scintillating exploration of my/someone else’s psyche, here’s a list of upcoming books I await ever so anxiously.

Like, kid waiting for Santa anxiously.

The Fella Who Couldn’t Wait for Christmas anxiously. Scroll down for the context behind that strange sentence.

Acceptance — Jeff Vandermeer

  • After Annihilation and Authority, you’d better believe I not only want this book, I need it. Vandermeer is literary heroin. I’ve got a Vandermeer on my back! I’m riding the Jeff Dragon!

Bathing the Lion Jonathan Carroll

  • Every book from Carroll is a dream, and I long to take another nap with him. That came out a little weird, but you get the gist.

Between — Angie Abdou

Cloud, by Eric McCormackCloud Eric McCormack

  • I love Eric McCormack. Hell, I idolize him to an unhealthy extreme. I put him in my first novel, just to get his attention. So, yeah, McCormack releases his first novel in eleven years? Kinda excited.

Company Town Madeline Ashby

  • Robot DevilMadeline’s a friend (see here for proof). But even if I despised her—and I am jealous of her talent, no question—after the one-two rock’em sock’em android punch of vN and iD, I’ll follow her into Robot Hell.

Consumed — David Cronenberg

The Deep Nick Cutter The Deep

Knife Fight and Other Struggles David Nickle

A Man Lies Dreaming Lavie Tidhar

  • Every new release by Tidhar (close to Stephen King publication speed) is a cause for excitement. Why should this be any different?

Mr. Jones — Margaret Sweatman

  • A historical Cold War spy thriller by the author of The Players? It’s about bloody time, mate!

The Opening Sky — Joan Thomas The Opening Sky

  • Loved Reading by Lightning, loved Curiosity, so why wouldn’t I love this one? No reason. You cannot come up with one reason. You make me sad for even trying.

The Search for Heinrich Schlögel — Martha Baillie

  • Baillie’s novel The Incident Report was absolutely wonderful. Why should her next be any different? Or at least really good?

We Will All Go Down Together Gemma FilesWill Starling

  • If you haven’t read Files’ stunning Hexslinger trilogy, well, I can’t even begin to help you.

Will Starling — Ian Weir

  • I’ve read the first forty pages, and believe me, I am chomping at the bit at this one. I proclaim it “the novel that Charles Dickens was too much of a coward to write himself.”