The constantly amusing musings of the Open Book Toronto Writer-in-Residence begin!

I’ll be linking to all my posts at Open Book Toronto for the month of January. My first entry concerns (what else) New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Resolution #1 – Read more books.
    This may seem like an obvious choice, but no one was ever hurt by reading (I have no statistics to back this up), and I am a firm believer in reading as much as humanly possible. Any writer who doesn’t read to excess is in no danger of improving. So, in 2008, read more than you read in 2007. Be a gourmand, be a glutton. If you need incentive, there’s the
    Canadian Book Challenge at the blog The Book Mine Set. The object is to read at least thirteen Canadian books by Canada Day, and review then on your blogs. It gets you reading, and gets the word out on all the talent we have in the Canadian wilderness, nestling in the snow. The moderator has handily included a list of novels from every province and territory, if that’s your thing. Or, try to read thirteen books by Ontario publishers. The choice is yours. Prizes for whoever wins include a cornucopia of Canadiana: a hockey puck, a David Bergen novel, and a box of KD.

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