The 5000 Faces of Dr. C

"The Secret Agent"

So, where are we in the grand scheme of publishing things? The copy edit is more-or-less fini; still to come are proofreading, cover images, and then self-promotion galore.

But we must not forget the most important element of the novel as a physical entity on the shelf; the author photo. Now, I quite like my previous photo, but it was taken 5 years and umpteen grey hairs/kilograms ago, and I believe in marginal truth in advertising. So I’ve arranged with a talented friend to have some new images taken, to better capture the increased wisdom that lies behind my eyes/beard.

But before that happens, we must consider poses. This image will likely stick with Husk for the life of its publication, so utmost care must be taken to ensure the photo not only embodies who I am as a person, but somehow the overall atmosphere of the novel as well.

Or this could all be nonsense, and no one cares but me. But if I don’t claim my image as my own, who will?

With that in mind, I’ve consulted the indispensable resource Complete Modelling for Dummies and have taken the liberty of whipping up via computer camera a few traditional poses I could adopt. The images are of poor quality, but I think you’ll get the gist of my many options.

I present to you now, the many shadings of Corey Redekop.

“The Can’t be Bothered” – a classicEnnui

“The Professor” – good for academics
"The Professor" - good for academics

“The Mystery Man” – aka “The Pynchon”
"The Mystery Man" - aka "The Pynchon"

“The Sammy Davis Jr.”
"The Sammy David Jr."

“The Sith Lord”
"The Sith Lord"

“The Secret Agent”
"The Secret Agent"

“The Bubbles”
"The Bubbles"

“The Dali”
"The Dali"

“The Gillespie”
"The Dizzy Gillespie"

“The Warhol”
"The Warhol"

“The Vogue”
"The Vogue"