Shelf Monkey manhandled by Canadian television actor!

Did anyone catch last night’s episode of Being Erica on CBC? I didn’t, but that’s mostly because, living a mere half-kilometre away from the local station, I somehow am out of their broadcast range. Nevertheless, asute viewers informed me that my beloved, oh-so-close-to-national-debate-worthy novel Shelf Monkey made its national television… WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?

Shelf Monkey gets a gun permit!

I won’t usually repost other posts, but thanks to the good people at io9 (as well as Marvel Comics, apparently), this picture is now one of my favourite, most iconic images ever:Isn’t that amazing? No news on what it represents, but I think myself (Shelf Monkey), Mark Rayner (Marvellous Hairy),… WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?

Quick interview in Seattle’s The Stranger

Who is that wonderfully handsome man gracing the front page of Seattle’s only newspaper The Stranger (online edition) ? Why, it’s me! Book editor and swell fella Paul Constant has done a quick overview of the benefits of self-torture though the infamous 3 Day Novel Writing Contest. In the course of his… WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?