The Subconscious Interview of Carsten Stroud

The Devil's Angels

The Subconscious Interview, wherein authors ask themselves questions this interviewer is too dense to think up himself. Today, Carsten Stroud (Niceville, The Homecoming) asks many questions, but offers few answers. The man is hard core, refusing to let himself off the hook with softballs, asking questions he himself is afraid… WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?

Where Does Author End and Book Begin?


In late October 2012, I agreed to guest edit The Afterword, the online book section of The National Post. The following essay originally appeared in The National Post, Tuesday, October 23, 2012. A while back, a concerned patron remarked that Shelf Monkey (my novel set in the world of… WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?

A Four Author Tour! (sung to the tune of Gilligan’s Island) — First stop, Moncton

The Mystery Machine!

Update #1 — 12:30 pm, Thursday, November 1, 2012 An unpromising start. Due to a mishap in speed-reading, I have inadvertently booked a car through Discontent rather than Discount. The result being, my asked-for standard automobile turned out to be this: This would be fine if we were the new A-Team, or… WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?

Four Authors! Four Events! Fourget Everything You Know About CanLit!

The Four Authors of the CanLitopocalypse!

It’s been a hell of a few weeks lately, and my blogging is not up to date on how much fun I’ve been having. But all that will have to wait, because it’s tour time, baby! I, alongside three amazing authors, am going on a quick’n’dirty Maritime tour, zooming from place… WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?