Na-Cosboom! Superhero-ing with Leigh Wallace

Superheroes! Who doesn’t like them? These days, nobody, that’s who! And now that the (Captain) Deadpool movie has revolutionized movie heroes through the addition of rampant obscenities, the sky’s the limit, baby!

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In cooperation with EDGE Publishing, I hereby present for your enjoyment The Superhero Universe Interviews, a series of (duh) superficial interviews with many of those brave souls who risked life, limb, and writers’ cramp to contribute to Superhero Universe, the nineteenth (It’s the Duggar family of anthology series! But nowhere near as creepy and overexposed!) iteration of EDGE’s vastly acclaimed, fantastic Canadian fiction anthology series Tesseracts.

Please note that I am not only a fan of the book; I’m also a member. Mine own weird little hero epic “SÜPER” has found a cozy space in its pages, and is even now anxiously awaiting your perusal and/or approval. Love me, dammit!

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Today’s author: Leigh Wallace

Leigh Wallace

Leigh Wallace is a writer, artist and public servant living in Ottawa. She has recently had the opportunity to narrate for Glittership. You can find her (electronically) at and @leighwalla.

Tell us about your story, “Bedtime for Superheroes.”

It does what it says on the box. An older woman is waiting for her family of superheroes to come home from a day of battling villainy.

How did the idea come about?

This story grew very gradually over several years. I came up with the characters first and originally wanted to draw them as a comic but couldn’t pull off the right style and pacing. Then I wrote it as prose and workshopped it at Viable Paradise, following which I made some major changes. I grew a lot with this piece.

Were there any superhero-related pitfalls/clichés that you struggled with?

This story inherently works outside of the traditional superhero narrative. There is no fighting and very little tension. Because of this, I was working from a place that was far away from where the standard tropes tend to take root.

What do you think of the resurgence in superhero movies and television shows?

I love living in a superhero-saturated era but even more, I love the unexpected stories that are happening outside of the major studios, such as Steven Universe, and the proliferation of indie works that are made possible by the current cultural climate (like Super Mutant Magic Academy and Wonderella).

Which superhero could you see yourself being best pals with?

Definitely Steven Universe. Everyone is best pals with Steven Universe, they just don’t know it yet.

Best supervillain?

A certain angry little slice of pie from Steven Universe.

What’s the one superhero cliché you hate above all others?

Actually, I prefer when stories don’t revolve around fighting, oddly enough. I like when superheroes have supportive relationships and pet dogs and eat shawarma or “together breakfast.” I love small, in-between moments. That’s where I wrote “Bedtime for Superheroes.”

Which do you prefer, superhero stories of a “realistic and gritty” nature or stories of a more fantastical bent?

I will pass on grimwashed antiheroes; I like my tights-clad mutants and aliens to be colourful and joyful. The biggest example of this is Steven Universe. Did I mention I really like Steven Universe? What were we talking about, again?

Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen

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