Superhero Universe: Cover reveal!

Look at those gor­geous colours! That retro vibe! That weird com­put­er manned by a lab coat-ed sci­en­tist who sure­ly means harm! Those…are they rock peo­ple? With guns? That glow­ing guy in the cen­tre, garbed in the colours of the Cana­di­an flag!

Super­hero Uni­verse: Tesser­acts Nine­teen, con­tain­ing (among many sure-to-be-faubu­lous oth­ers) my short sto­ry “SÜPER”, a lov­ing ode to mad sci­en­tists every­where, will be unleashed upon a sus­pect­ing pop­u­la­tion in the Spring of 2016. Which can­not come soon enough.

From the descrip­tion:

Super­hero Uni­verse: Tesser­acts Nine­teen (2016, EDGE)

Super­pow­ered anti­heroes.
Mad sci­en­tists.
Adven­tur­ers into the unknown.
Detec­tives of the dark night.
Cos­tumed crime­fight­ers.
Steam­punk armoured avengers.
Brave and bold super­groups.
Cru­sad­ing aliens in a strange land.
Secret his­to­ries.
Pulp action.

Tesser­acts Nine­teen fea­tures all of these per­mu­ta­tions of the super­hero genre and many oth­ers besides!

Fea­tur­ing sto­ries by: Patrick T. God­dard, D.K. Lat­ta, Alex C. Ren­wick, Mary Pletsch & Dylan Blac­quiere, Geoff Hart, Mar­celle Dubé, Kevin Cock­le, John Bell, Eve­lyn Deshane, A.C. Wise, Jen­nifer Rahn, Bevan Thoma, Bernard E. Mireault, Sacha A. How­ells, Kim Gold­berg, Luke Mur­phy, Corey Redekop, Brent Nichols, Jason Sharp, Arun Jiwa, Chad­wick Ginther, Leigh Wal­lace, David Perl­mut­ter, P.E. Boli­var, Michael Math­e­son.

The Tesser­acts anthol­o­gy series is Canada’s longest run­ning anthol­o­gy. It was first edit­ed by the late Judith Mer­ril in 1985, and has pub­lished more than 529 orig­i­nal Cana­di­an spec­u­la­tive fic­tion (Sci­ence fic­tion, fan­ta­sy and hor­ror) sto­ries and poems by 315 Cana­di­an authors, edi­tors, trans­la­tors and spe­cial guests. Some of Canada’s best known writ­ers have been pub­lished with­in the pages of these vol­umes — includ­ing Mar­garet Atwood, William Gib­son, Robert J. Sawyer, and Spi­der Robin­son (to name a few).