Star Wars!, or, how Jedi mind tricks can enliven a humdrum day

Things to do on a rainy day presents:

Star Wars Punch-Out Action Figure Fun Day!
A dramatization in pictures and words.

Boy, what a dull day! Nothing to do, nothing to do. And sheesh, I don’t want to actually do anything productive, like write or something.

Ooh, look, kids! A Star Wars Punch Out and Play! action fun-time extravaganza arrived in the mail! Just in the nick of time! I was perilously close to being bored! Time to get started!

Whew! That was a long twelve minutes! But well worth the effort! Look how cool they are!

AWESOME! Take that, Threepio, you uptight mass of useless circuits!

But whatever will I do with them besides re-enact my favourite scenes both real and imagined? I’ll have to weigh the pros and cons, asking the good and evil sides of my brain to help me navigate this delicate conundrum.

I know! I’ll get a shelf monk to join my shelf monkeys! It fits with the theme, and protects them from the dark side of dust and mildew.

I’ll use the powers of both the light and dark sides of the force to help me with my culinary skills!

Don’t be afraid to use a store-bought BBQ sauce, my young apprentice!

Feel the force of the steak’s natural juices flowing through you!

I’ll use them to keep my cat mildly entertained for three seconds!

Run, Luke, run! The rancor is behind you!

LOLCats, eat your cutie muffin hearts out!

They can serve as handy television decorations, letting your friends know just how important the Star Wars universe is to you every time you invite them over for a Futurama sleepover.

They can add spice to even the most humdrum of road trips. Even my ’94 Saturn can be a Millennium Falcon, thanks to Star Wars Punch Out and Play!

Who knew Yoda was such an effective gardener?

Boy, that sure was a fun day! Good-bye, Star Wars friends! I hope to play with you again real soon!

Wait, I live here.