Short Story Month: An Introduction

As some people know, the month of May is Short Story Month, a celebration of the art form as well as a reminder of the power of pure storytelling.

Many people are far better suited to a dissemination of the month’s true worth (I heartily recommend this post from the great Steven W. Beattie’s blog That Shakespearean Rag). I admit this personal failing to you because I’m a dunce in many ways. Also, not too good with the whole “putting words together to form coherent thoughts” thing.

Taking a cue from Beattie’s heroic efforts to investigate one short story every day for the entire month, I, too, shall endeavour to bring you trenchant analysis of some of the finest short stories our culture continues to produce: those of the comics page.

For what is a comic strip, if not a short story? Three to four panels (sometimes even less!) of wit, wisdom, and art. Perfect, easily digested nuggets of truth. The marital discourse of Dagwood. The military satire of Beetle Bailey. The subversive politics of B.C. Truly, the comics page is a modern-day Agora of Athens, a meeting place of philosophers.

One cartoon a day for a month. You have been duly warned.