Short Story Month: Science fact

B.C. (Short Story Month #7)

Morality, thy name is B.C.

Since it crawled from the primordial soup, B.C. has functioned as the ethical conscience of all comic strips, never afraid to confront the issues situated between personal faith and scientific reason. Quite an advanced and transgressive agenda for a strip, especially when you consider B.C.‘s prime readership primarily consists of far-right evangelical Christians who refuse to believe in the very idea of Early Man. But therein lies B.C.‘s ultimate punchline, as the strip superficially panders to a base of readers either unable or unwilling to abide its blatant pro-science agenda.

Here, the standby pun machine that is Wiley’s Dictionary offers a playfully ignorant definition of the term “science fiction,” ostensibly to titillate the determinedly unenlightened. “See how foolish the non-believers are! Between this and the banana, is there now any doubt that God reigns supreme? I think not!”

In fact, the strip’s mission is to better expose the overt lunacy of anyone who might find humour in such modes of thought (not to mention such a nonsensical and completely pathetic pun). Imagine, if you will, that someone you know finds this definition “funny”; wouldn’t you be suspicious of them?

Bravo, B.C., for once again bringing to light the pervasive, evil ignorance that keeps humanity from truly reaching its potential. Keep up the good work!