Short Story Month: Death comes for us all

Momma (Short Story Month #6)

Momma, one of the bravest cartoons ever to grace a newspaper, has long served as a devastating ode to the fragility of life and the ultimate acceptance of Death, that merciless equalizer. Despair oozes from the ink as we witness the aged woman’s heartbreaking attempts to muddle her arthritic way through the brutal reality that is old age. Why else would the centenarian strive to craft witticisms —  however misguided, inappropriate, and unamusing they may be — on the subject of a dear family friend losing her husband to suicide?

The elderly matron will not go gentle into that good night; no, Momma fights, rages against the dying of the light! She will squeeze every last ounce of life from the onrushing darkness, even from idiotic conversations with mentally disorientated Sadie, a woman so seized by the advanced stages of senility she can barely craft a sentence that makes sense.

Don’t worry, Sadie, Momma will protect you.