Short Story Month: Not wearing pants was the first sign

Ziggy (Short Story Month #23)

To quote the great humanitarian Charles Montgomery Burns: “Ah, Ziggy. Will you ever win?”

On the comics page, the bumbling Ziggy has classically been portrayed as an oaf so befuddled by societal norms he cannot fathom the practical function of pants. He is a figure of scorn and ridicule, a scapegoat for all manner of ills.

Does this bother Ziggy? While evidence may show that our short clown overwhelmingly lacks the intelligence necessary to discern the sadness of his situation, occasionally (such as here) we are allowed a glimpse behind the placid facade to see a bitter, petty, lonely man who takes out his frustrations on whomever he can.

Such as animals. Is it such a big leap from taunting birds through ingestion of their young to the wanton, wholesale slaughter of animals? All the signs point to Ziggy’s eventual descent into the red depths of an unstoppable blood fury. No doubt he harbours an old refrigerator in his backyard chock full of the decaying remnants of his furry and feathery victims.

Poke fun at the sad clown at your peril.