Shelf Monkey: worthy of academia?

Now, I fully understand why academic English courses can get a bad rap: there’s a lot of reading (oh, boo hoo); a lot of the texts are either musty relics of a bygone and best forgotten era or indecipherable post-modernist tracts that critics gush about and mere mortals weep in terror at the thought of yet-another angst-filled chapter of eye-bleedingly intense prose; and let’s face it, books? They’re on their way out. Why write whole sentences when you can text, or, wy wrt hol sntnses wn u cn txt?

But fear not, help is on the way, at least in Alberta: the ENGLISH 376 A1 course Canadian Literature and Culture (at the University of Alberta) is teaching Shelf Monkey as part of its required curriculum. I don’t know who the professor is, but it’s fair to same I love him/her with all my heart.

Don’t believe me? Check out the screen-cap below from the University of Alberta Bookstore:

Finally, my name will ring throughout the halls of academia alongside English lit luminaries such as Melville, Orwell, Atwood, and Austen! And just think; with a little luck, soon Shelf Monkey will have reached the status of yet another boring tome that a freshman will have to suffer over to achieve that all-important career-saving grade of C-.