Shelf Monkey manhandled by Canadian television actor!

Did anyone catch last night’s episode of Being Erica on CBC? I didn’t, but that’s mostly because, living a mere half-kilometre away from the local station, I somehow am out of their broadcast range.

Nevertheless, asute viewers informed me that my beloved, oh-so-close-to-national-debate-worthy novel Shelf Monkey made its national television debut! I quickly found the show online and, while I currently do not have speakers with which to hear the dialogue as I write this post, I think we can extrapolate the major plot elements from these few images.

Here, we see the character of Kai Booker (played by Sebastian Piggot) waiting for Erica (Erin Karpluk) to arrive. He passes the time in the best manner possible; by perusing favourite passages from his well-worn copy of Shelf Monkey…

“Hmm, yes. Interesting.”
“Oh, hey, Erica, I was waiting for you. You ever read this novel Shelf Monkey? Changed my life! You’d be perfect for Danae! I could play Thomas! Let’s put on a show, whaddaya say?”
“Maybe you’d like me to come in and read it to you?”
“See, it says here, that literature is a virus. What do think that means? Weird.”
And scene.

I’m sure that more occurs, but being the vain and self-centred writer that I am, I’m only concerned with myself.

Seriously, quite cool to see, even if the book isn’t integral to the plot. Thanks, CBC prop personel, you’ve made my day.