Shelf Monkey interview on Cult Pop! Live and in colour!

Cult Pop is a terrific pop culture show broadcast out of the Detroit area, as well as being available online and through RSS feeds. Matt Staggs of – major booster of my work, and obviously a swell guy with discriminating tastes – brought my novel to the good people behind it (specifically Jim Hall), and the resulting interview (along with an interview with author Lauren Groff, whose book The Monsters of Templeton I am definitely going to look up) is now up on the website.

I recommend checking through the list of past shows (after you’ve watched my interview, of course). Jim has interviewed some spectacular talent in the short time the show has been in existence, and is well worth checking out. Jeff Vandermeer, John Scalzi, Tobias Buckell – these are some major heavyweights, and I’m honoured to now be lumped in with them.

Check out the show here. I’ll have a separate link to the interview up soon, but why would you wait? Go!