Shelf Monkey brings much needed relief to Canadian troops!

Email received a few months ago (from Len):

Hi I’m writing to you from a forward operating base in southern Afghanistan. I got your book at the Brandon Festival of words was it? and I have finally read it. Really good. Everyone was asking what I was reading when I was laughing. I have told everyone I know, all readers to go and buy and read it right now.

Here’s a little picture I thought you might like.


Yeah, that’s right. I’m now sweeping Asia. And if you’re unsure what its is exactly that this soldier (Len, I assume) is doing, go watch the flick Jarhead. It definitely adds a certain wistful piquancy to the scene.

I gotta admit, this is the best, most unexpected, and deeply satisfying piece of  fan mail I have ever received. I held off releasing the picture at his request, until he was safely back in Canada.

Thanks, Len. You have my utmost respect and admiration, and not simply because of your great taste in literature.