Reviews? I’ve had a few. One more than before, actually.

Almost two years since its publication (Two years? Are you kidding me? Two years? Where’d that go?), Shelf Monkey still gets the occasional rave review. This installment is from Tom Penner of the Journal of Mennonite Studies (hey, membership does have its privileges):

First time novelist Corey Redekop has created a central character whose world is a disturbing mirror image of the one outside the window – albeit one densely saturated with literary texts and references … A rant disguised as an epistolary detective story … Shelf Monkey is a strong first outing by Redekop and hopefully the first of many to come. Perhaps Thomas Friesen has potential as a franchise character?

Let it be known, all Hollywood movie-types; I am eminently negotiable when it comes to a franchise. Perhaps a television series, a la last year’s sadly cancelled jPod?