Pheats of phrasing – “Spanky” by Christopher Fowler

Today, in Pheats of Phrasing: Christopher Fowler’s Spanky (1994).

SpankyThe problem with occult books, I quickly discovered, was that they all looked the same. I had this image of someone blowing the dust from obscure pigskin-covered tomes. Instead I found myself in the New Age section, thumbing through paperback reprints. Densely set in forgotten typefaces, couched in barely comprehensible English, there were endless transcriptions of possession, vampirism, necromancy, exorcism, superstition, hypnotism, palmistry, Gnosticism, freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and satanic apparitions, all in eye-straining, microscopic print. Despite the dramatic subject matter of these accounts, most were described in deadening, ponderous, unreadable prose.

Your humble blogger/author (or “blogthor”) will be making regular postings of random passage excerpts from various tomes in his far-too-large library.