Canadian Noir #2

To cel­e­brate the release of The Exile Book of New Cana­di­an Noir, your very hum­ble scrib­blereau­crat here­by presents a series of short, intense­ly sweet inter­views with par­tic­i­pat­ing writ­ers on their con­tri­bu­tions to this already-clas­sic anthol­o­gy.

Entry the sec­ond: Dale L. Sproule and Alex C. Ren­wick!

Story: “Nunavut Thunderfuck” by Dale L. Sproule

Describe your sto­ry for the twit­ter: As the tra­di­tion­al hunt­ing grounds melt away, a savvy polar bear starts a meth lab, but is con­front­ed by one of the old Inu­it Gods.

Now, as an episode of your favourite tele­vi­sion series: “Ice-Break­ing Bad”

What does “noir” mean to you? Fight­ing on for a lost cause even beyond the point where all hope is lost.

Tell us any­thing you’d like about your sto­ry. When I heard about the antho, I tried to con­ceive of the ulti­mate Cana­di­an Noir sto­ry. And since the best com­e­dy is root­ed in tragedy, I mined some of the most potent tragedy I could find.

Dale L. Sproule has had stories in Northern Frights, Pulphouse, Ellery Queen’s and at least 30 others. His collection Psychedelia Gothique showcases the best of those.

Story: “Three-Step Program” by Alex C. Renwick

Describe your sto­ry for the twit­ter: Three sim­ple steps. Jim­my was proud. He knew most peo­ple want­ed to quit the bot­tle, they did twelve. Fuck that. #noir #Three­Step­Pro­gram

Now, as an episode of your favourite tele­vi­sion series: Project Run­way. It was the ulti­mate uncon­ven­tion­al mate­ri­als chal­lenge but Jim­my knew he had to make it work.One minute you’re in, and the next, you’re out.

What does “noir” mean to you? Love for the lost. All man­ner of bro­ken hearts for the well-inten­tioned. Poor rewards for sac­ri­fices both pet­ty and great. The ambiva­lence of the uni­verse pre­vails and the world will keep spin­ning long after you die and rot.

Tell us any­thing you’d like about your sto­ry: Look for “Three Step Pro­gram” to be reprint­ed in a forth­com­ing issue of Exile’s quar­ter­ly lit jour­nal, ELQ. For those who DON’T live in or near Mon­tre­al (in bul­let points because real­ly, who has the time):

  • From About Trav­el: “Dépan­neur is the French Que­bec word for ‘cor­ner store.’ Mon­tre­al res­i­dents as well as cit­i­zens across Que­bec use the expres­sion almost exclu­sive­ly instead of ‘cor­ner store,’ includ­ing when speak­ing in Eng­lish. It’s pro­nounced ‘day-pann-errrr.’ ”
  • Dep” in Wikipedia
  • Love­ly arti­cle, “An Intro­duc­tion to Depan­neurs”:
Alex C. Renwick: designed in Canada, built in California, grown in Texas; once wrote short stories as Camille Alexa; currently lives somewhere between Portland, Austin, Vancouver, & Montreal.

The Exile Book of New Cana­di­an Noir — avail­able now at all fine book­stores, and prob­a­bly a few of the less-rep­utable ones.