Mysterious artwork enlivens humdrum task

As a librarian, one of the duties is to ensure that all books in the library are being used and, if said books are not used often enough within a certain period of time, to weed unused books from the shelves.

Sad, but true.

Yet today, as summer interns began the arduous task of examining every single book in our fiction area, a small piece of hardened parchment fell out of the pages.

And another.

And another.

Over thirty so far, and we haven’t even finished the As.

Who did this? Who depositied tiny pieces of watercolour artwork randomly into the novels of the Fredericton Public Library? No one knows, but it does add a touch of utter wonderment to the day.

I can hardly wait until the Bs.

Anyone have any idea what this is all about? I’d like to thank the artist if I could. Thank you, mysterious painter, I and my colleagues thank you for your gifts.