And now, some music for thought

The other day, while staining my deck—and it looks lovely, thank you for noticing—I was playing a streaming radio station that played nothing but selections from movie and television soundtracks.

And yes, I am a geek. If you didn’t know that, why are you even here?

And between staining and listening, a few thoughts came up I thought I’d share:

Gladiator1.  If you happen to be staining your deck (or, by logical extension, you are in the middle of the large-scale house painting endeavour of your choice), there is nothing better to liven up your task than to set it to Hans Zimmer’s battle theme from Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. Seriously. Nothing better. The orchestra revs up, and suddenly your every brush stroke is a mighty sword thrust, every dip into the paint can a dip into the open brainpan of a slain warrior.

I will paint my deck with the blood of my enemies! On my signal, unleash Hell! And semi-transparent cedar wood stain!

The Battle by Hans Zimmer on Grooveshark

I couldn't bring myself to put it here, but if you're the type for images that will scar your psyche, click the pic.

Want to be scarred for life? Click this!

2.  Take a listen to this musical oddity, the opening credits theme from the late ’70’s sci-fi cheesefest Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. It starts out with the strains of a rousing orchestral Star Wars-type space epic, then suddenly morphs into a chirpy pop grotesque a la evening soap operas, perfectly summarizing the no-respect-intended approach to TV science-fiction in the 1970’s.

Song From "Buck Rogers" by Stu Phillips on Grooveshark

Even with absolutely no knowledge of its origins, one listen will tell you that this music was designed to play while credits roll and actors smile goofily at the camera.

This tune is literally the musical representation of expecting Harrison Ford to burst through the door and save your ass, and instead you get Gil Gerard in a polyester white speedsuit.

Sad Trombone!

But you do get Erin Gray, so it’s hardly a total loss.


HULK SMASH!3.  For a show about a giant green id that explodes into slow-motion violence in every episode, the closing music of The Incredible Hulk is as heart-rending a piece as has ever been created.

Seriously sad. Like, The Notebook sad. Funeral music for pets sad.

The Lonely Man theme by Joe Harnell on Grooveshark