Zombie Meets Mombie: Music to love zombies by, part 3

Music to love zombies by

Saying Goodbye to Mom (pages 163-173)

Part three of my continuing attempts to score my novel Husk using other people’s music. Yes, other people’s music. I didn’t pick up a guitar and jazz-noodle something. Neither will there be LaBeoufian claims that I might have written the pieces myself. I don’t need that kind of press. I am not a celebrity! Man, sometimes people just make it way too easy to make fun of them.

Zombie Moon

Lonely zombie, wandering the bloodmoon night. Will you never find peace of mind? Or a piece of mind?

In a way, this is very much a classic deathbed scene, albeit one where there is no bed in sight. Our hero Sheldon is visiting his zombie-infected mother at a care facility in Arizona. Arriving in the dead of night, Sheldon escorts his drooling mombie (I’m copyrighting that term, just so you know. You owe me a nickel for reading it.) out to the desert where he plans to…

To do what, exactly? I don’t wish to give too much away, but the scene, at its bones, is set thusly:

  • a conflicted yet grieving child,
  • a disease-riddled mother,
  • a desire to end the visit as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Baby for sale? Does it come with sidewalls?

Is rustproofing included?

Could be a Lifetime movie-of-the-week starring Valerie Bertinelli and Shirley MacLaine. Could also be a fairly unnerving scene in a zombie film. You choose whichever you want, I won’t judge.

As with part one of this ongoing (and likely endless) series, I have gone to the Clint Mansell well again. What can I say? I dig the man’s minimalistic style, particularly when it comes to film scores.

This piece, “The Nursery,” from Duncan Jones’ brilliant sci-fi film Moon, isn’t as emotionally wrenching as part one’s choice of this theme from Requiem for a Dream, but it retains Mansell’s signature blend of repetitive themes and hypnotic construction. It almost sounds like a child’s music box, but it’s layered with darkness. There is a sense of loss that permeates the melody, one that I believe perfectly compliments Sheldon’s internal struggle as he tries to remember something about his mother other than the bad, bad times that have stained their relationship.

Moon_(2008)_film_posterThe Nursery by Clint Mansell on Grooveshark
Please give it a listen, put it on repeat, and read of Sheldon’s torment again.

And go watch Moon. It’s freaking wonderful.