More awards? Unlikely, but then again, who thought Crash would take home the Oscar?

I really don’t think I have a chance at this one, but even being on the longlist is a real boost to my ego.

Shelf Monkey is on the official longlist for the 2008 Relit Awards!

The Relit Award, by way of explanation, is Canada’s preeminent literary award celebrating independent presses. Started by acclaimed Canadian novelist Kenneth J. Harvey, the final ceremony is held on the beaches on Newfoundland, with awards presented for fiction, short stories, and poetry (go, Emily Schultz!).

The prize? Check this out:

This is a ring made up of four rotating rings, each adorned with a complete alphabet. The wearer can rotate the letters to create any four letter word he or she wishes.

All together now: One ring to rule them all…

But while I love being on the list of possible shortlist nominees, let’s look at the competition.

The Reckoning of Boston Jim, Claire Mulligan (Brindle & Glass)
I, Tania, Brian Joseph Davis (ECW)
Shelf Monkey, Corey Redekop (ECW)
Orphan Love, Nadia Bozak (Key Porter)
The Milk Chicken Bomb, Andrew Wedderburn (Coach House)
Glass Voices, Carol Bruneau (Cormorant)
Macdonald, Roy MacSkimming (Thomas Allen)
Dirtbags, Teresa McWhirter (Anvil)
Homing, Stephanie Domet (Invisible)
The Flannigans, M.T. Dohaney (Flanker)
The Silent Time, Paul Rowe (Killick)
The Convictions of Leonard McKinley, Brendan McLeod (3-Day Books)
A Place of Pretty Flowers, Jerrod Edson (Oberon)
Brother Dumb, Sky Gilbert (ECW)
Big White Knuckles, Brian Tucker (Vagrant)
As Good as Dead, Stan Rogal (Pedlar)
Be Good, Stacey May Fowles (Tightrope)
Coureurs de Bois, Bruce MacDonald (Cormorant)
Bottle Rocket Hearts, Zoe Whittall (Cormorant)
The Book of Beasts, Bernice Friesen (Coteau)
Where White Horses Gallop, Beatrice MacNeil (Key Porter)
Correction Road, Glen Dresser (Oberon)
Smuggling Donkeys, David Helwig (Porcupine’s Quill)
74 Miles Away, J.D. Carpenter (Dundurn)
Post, Arley McNeney (Thistledown)
White, Rob Mclennan (Mercury)
The Skin Beneath, Nairne Holtz (Insomniac)
Room Tone, Gale Zoe Garnett (Quattro)
Soucouyant, David Chariandy (Arsenal Pulp)
Be Wolf, Wayne Tefs (Turnstone)
Snow Candy, Terry Carroll (Mercury)
Stealing Nasreen, Farzana Doctor (Inanna)
The Housekeeping Journals, Jim Mason (Turnstone)
Planet Reese, Cordelia Strube (Dundurn)
The Prison Tangram, Claire Huot (Mercury)
Crown Shyness, Curtis Gillespie (Brindle & Glass)
The Flush of Victory, Ray Smith (Biblioasis)
Delible, Anne Stone (Insomniac)
Pulpy & Midge, Jessica Westhead (Coach House)
The Hole Show, Maya Merrick (Conundrum)

Now that’s an impressive lineup. With Strube, Tefs, Whittall, and Gilbert on the list, I think holding my breath might be an ill-advised procedure.

But let me dream, will you?