Scaring you senseless with the love of Jesus

Day 5: real life proves more ter­ri­fy­ing than fic­tion

An Incon­ve­nient Truth, Lake of Fire, Cap­tur­ing the Fried­mans, The Cor­po­ra­tionThe Cove…all scary, scary doc­u­men­taries, and yes, go watch them even if you have to force your­self. Damn uncom­fort­able sub­ject mat­ter.

But for my mon­ey, the most fright­en­ing doc­u­men­tary I can

rec­om­mend is a lit­tle trek to Jesus Camp. Com­pared to this place, a sum­mer spent at idyllic/bloodsoaked Camp Crys­tal Lake seems a not-too-bad option.

Jesus Camp doc­u­ments the goings-on at a par­tic­u­lar sum­mer camp, a place where, rather than learn­ing about tying knots and the best way to pad­dle a canoe, the chil­dren are taught the gift of prophe­cy so that they can “take back Amer­i­ca for Christ.” Dur­ing the movie, chil­dren learns sci­ence from young-earth cre­ation­ism, is taught that glob­al warm­ing is a myth, and are taught to be unthink­ing sol­diers for the “army of God.” Igno­rance is praised, knowl­edge is con­demned, Amer­i­ca is God, and any­thing less than blind obe­di­ence to the church (Chris­t­ian church, that is) is blas­phe­my.

Most ter­ri­fy­ing moment: a woman brings a life-sized cutout of George W. Bush to the front of the church and has the chil­dren stretch their hands toward him in prayer for him.

Fun­ni­est moment: Ted Hag­gard con­demns every­thing he lat­er on proved to be quite the afi­ciona­do of.

Basi­cal­ly, the camp (and many oth­ers like it) is a cel­e­bra­tion of stu­pid­i­ty, hatred, and pure evil, teach­ing kids to become good lit­tle Fred Phelps clones, all in the name of a man who cer­tain­ly wouldn’t appre­ci­ate it.

Live in fear, every­one. At least with Camp Coun­sel­lor Jason Vorhees, you know where you stand.

For the month of Octo­ber I’ll be post­ing a whole mess of stuff about hor­ror. Because Hal­loween. Most­ly just stuff I like, because I’m lazy that way.