Scaring you senseless with the love of Jesus

Day 5: real life proves more terrifying than fiction

An Inconvenient Truth, Lake of Fire, Capturing the Friedmans, The CorporationThe Cove…all scary, scary documentaries, and yes, go watch them even if you have to force yourself. Damn uncomfortable subject matter.

But for my money, the most frightening documentary I can recommend is a little trek to Jesus Camp. Compared to this place, a summer spent at idyllic/bloodsoaked Camp Crystal Lake seems a not-too-bad option.

Jesus Camp documents the goings-on at a particular summer camp, a place where, rather than learning about tying knots and the best way to paddle a canoe, the children are taught the gift of prophecy so that they can “take back America for Christ.” During the movie, children learns science from young-earth creationism, is taught that global warming is a myth, and are taught to be unthinking soldiers for the “army of God.” Ignorance is praised, knowledge is condemned, America is God, and anything less than blind obedience to the church (Christian church, that is) is blasphemy.

Most terrifying moment: a woman brings a life-sized cutout of George W. Bush to the front of the church and has the children stretch their hands toward him in prayer for him.

Funniest moment: Ted Haggard condemns everything he later on proved to be quite the aficionado of.

Basically, the camp (and many others like it) is a celebration of stupidity, hatred, and pure evil, teaching kids to become good little Fred Phelps clones, all in the name of a man who certainly wouldn’t appreciate it.

Live in fear, everyone. At least with Camp Counsellor Jason Vorhees, you know where you stand.

For the month of October I’ll be posting a whole mess of stuff about horror. Because Halloween. Mostly just stuff I like, because I’m lazy that way.