James Bond? Double-Oh-Excited!

James Bond, by artist Gabriel Hard­man

There’s a longer sto­ry to be told here, of course, and I’ll get to it. But to keep it short (because Inter­net atten­tion span), I shall soon — with a lit­tle bit of luck and a lit­tle more bit of work — periph­er­al­ly join the ranks of Kings­ley Amis, Sebas­t­ian Faulks, Jef­frey Deaver, and William Boyd as a writer of pub­lished James Bond fic­tion. Unlike those Ian Flem­ing-sanc­tioned authors, I shall be (hope­ful­ly) releas­ing a non-sanc­tioned tale! Dan­ger, thy name is Corey!

Now, the longer ver­sion.

Ian Flem­ing, orig­i­na­tor of the James Bond fran­chise, passed away from heart prob­lems in 1964. Due to the intri­cate vagaries of Cana­di­an copy­right law (which views that copy­right extends for 50 years after the death of a writer), all 12 nov­els and nine sto­ries fea­tur­ing Agent 007 have offi­cial­ly entered the pub­lic domain (although the movies are still ver­boten, so my “Doc­tor Good­head in Space” slash fic­tion will have to remain unseen, a much-cher­ished diary entry.)

Imme­di­ate­ly sens­ing a unique oppor­tu­ni­ty, the pow­er­house writ­ing cou­ple of Made­line Ash­by and David Nick­le (or, as they’re known in lit­er­ary cir­cles, Madrid Nick­le­by) teamed up with ChiZine Pub­li­ca­tions to pub­lish Licence Expired: the Unau­tho­rized James Bond, an anthol­o­gy of all-new James Bond adven­tures. After first putting togeth­er a coterie of fine Cana­di­an authors to sub­mit tales of Bon­di­an adven­ture (and yeah, I’m in there, shut up! I bask in their reflect­ed glo­ry!), Dav­e­line Ash­bick­le has expand­ed their reach, and are ask­ing all inter­est­ed authors to sub­mit for pos­si­ble inclu­sion to this remark­able oppor­tu­ni­ty.

Sub­mis­sion details can be found at Chizine Pub­li­ca­tions.

Aside from your hum­ble scrib­bleau­ro­crat, authors who have con­firmed their appear­ance in Licence Expired include: Tony Burgess, Robert J. Wierse­maLaird Bar­ronNathan BallingrudKel­ly Rob­sonA.M. Del­la­m­on­i­ca, and Ian Rogers. I’m famil­iar with all their works, and not only am I hon­oured to be among them, I’m pants-wet­ting­ly excit­ed at the prospect of what their freak­tas­tic imag­i­na­tions will come up with.

The result of all this work? An anthol­o­gy that will sure­ly rank among the sex­i­est Cana­di­an antholo­gies ever put into paper, even sex­i­er than the now-clas­sic tun­dra sex epic That’s Not a Snow­shoe in My Pock­et.

As for mine own yarn of espi­onage, adven­ture, and oodles of sex? No hints yet, as I’m still work­ing on it. I’ll let you know more once I’ve fin­ished it and it is offi­cial­ly accept­ed. You nev­er know, it might not work out. In which case, I’ll delete this post. And then hunt down and destroy Mavid Knick­ers Ash­bot­tom.

Licence Expired is sched­uled to be pub­lished in Novem­ber 2015.