James Bond? Double-Oh-Excited!

James Bond, by artist Gabriel Hardman

There’s a longer story to be told here, of course, and I’ll get to it. But to keep it short (because Internet attention span), I shall soon — with a little bit of luck and a little more bit of work — peripherally join the ranks of Kingsley Amis, Sebastian Faulks, Jeffrey Deaver, and William Boyd as a writer of published James Bond fiction. Unlike those Ian Fleming-sanctioned authors, I shall be (hopefully) releasing a non-sanctioned tale! Danger, thy name is Corey!

Now, the longer version.

Ian Fleming, originator of the James Bond franchise, passed away from heart problems in 1964. Due to the intricate vagaries of Canadian copyright law (which views that copyright extends for 50 years after the death of a writer), all 12 novels and nine stories featuring Agent 007 have officially entered the public domain (although the movies are still verboten, so my “Doctor Goodhead in Space” slash fiction will have to remain unseen, a much-cherished diary entry.)

Immediately sensing a unique opportunity, the powerhouse writing couple of Madeline Ashby and David Nickle (or, as they’re known in literary circles, Madrid Nickleby) teamed up with ChiZine Publications to publish Licence Expired: the Unauthorized James Bond, an anthology of all-new James Bond adventures. After first putting together a coterie of fine Canadian authors to submit tales of Bondian adventure (and yeah, I’m in there, shut up! I bask in their reflected glory!), Daveline Ashbickle has expanded their reach, and are asking all interested authors to submit for possible inclusion to this remarkable opportunity.

Submission details can be found at Chizine Publications.

Aside from your humble scribbleaurocrat, authors who have confirmed their appearance in Licence Expired include: Tony Burgess, Robert J. WiersemaLaird BarronNathan BallingrudKelly RobsonA.M. Dellamonica, and Ian Rogers. I’m familiar with all their works, and not only am I honoured to be among them, I’m pants-wettingly excited at the prospect of what their freaktastic imaginations will come up with.

The result of all this work? An anthology that will surely rank among the sexiest Canadian anthologies ever put into paper, even sexier than the now-classic tundra sex epic That’s Not a Snowshoe in My Pocket.

As for mine own yarn of espionage, adventure, and oodles of sex? No hints yet, as I’m still working on it. I’ll let you know more once I’ve finished it and it is officially accepted. You never know, it might not work out. In which case, I’ll delete this post. And then hunt down and destroy Mavid Knickers Ashbottom.

Licence Expired is scheduled to be published in November 2015.