James Bond-age: Literary Trivia Edition

Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond (ChiZine 2015)

A s November is James Bond month (not officially, only for me), I’ll be posting some Bond-related tidbits for a while, all to celebrate the impending release of — no, not Spectre, but I understand why you’d think that — the new ChiZine Publications anthology Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond (click here for information on how to purchase your very own, not-available-in-the-United-States copy!).

Today, literary trivia! You’ll be the hit of every social function!

Ian Fleming named James Bond after an ornithologist because it was the ‘dullest name’ he’d ever heard.

All total, Ian Fleming wrote 14 James Bond books. He wrote one year until his death in 1964. Fleming composed every James Bond novel and short story on a gold-plated typewriter while at his Jamaican estate, which he’d named “Goldeneye.”

You can actually book at stay at Goldeneye. It ain’t cheap.

According to the James Bond Wiki, since Ian Fleming’s death there have been 25 original James Bond novels written thus far by Raymond Benson (6), John Gardner (14), and one each by Kingsley Amis, William Boyd, Anthony Horowitz, Jeffrey Deaver, and Sebastian Faulks.

In Fleming’s Dr No, Bond has a hand-to-hand fight with a giant squid. Really. WHY WAS THIS NOT FILMED?

In Live and Let Die, Fleming wrote out all the dialogue of his black characters phonetically. I think we can all agree this was not the best idea.

Fleming originally sold the rights to Casino Royale to CBS for $1000. The result was the first-ever Bond adaptation, an episode of the television series Climax!, with Barry Nelson playing the American (!) secret agent James (Jimmy) Bond.

John F. Kennedy once remarked that From Russian With Love was one of his favourite novels. Sales in the U.S. exploded soon afterwards.

Fleming created his criminal organizations SPECTRE and SMERSH because of his fear that the Cold War would end and there’d be fewer villains to choose from.

And one more choice tidbit…

Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond is the first official publication of all-new James Bond stories since Ian Fleming’s works passed into the public domain. Only in Canada, you say? Pity.

Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond (ChiZine 2015)

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