Licence Expired: James Bond, Double-Oh-Wow

Less than a day after the release of the newest trail­er for Spec­tre (and holy god am I stoked for it), I awak­en to dis­cov­er the full offi­cial reveal of Licence Expired: The Unau­tho­rized James Bond. Ever since editors/opportunists Made­line Ash­by and David Nick­le jumped on the copy­right expi­ra­tion of the icon­ic spy with the man­ic gus­to of true-blue supervil­lains, I have been anx­ious­ly await­ing the announce­ment of the book’s full line­up of authors.

Espe­cial­ly because they accept­ed my con­tri­bu­tion “Not an Hon­ourable Dis­ease.”

And most espe­cial­ly because I fig­ured this was all a big joke on me and my sto­ry would be nowhere to be seen.

It’s a hell of an ensem­ble , and what I’m doing amongst this troupe of ter­rif­ic authors is anyone’s guess (hum­ble­brag!). If some­one had ever told me I’d some­day add a small piece of mine own to the James Bond canon, I’d have called them a liar. And then ran away, sob­bing, to my moth­er for a hug. Because my feel­ings were hurt by a big liar.

Behold the Licence Expired offi­cial Table of Con­tents. I’m link­ing each author to infor­ma­tion on their works (when pos­si­ble), so you can behold just how fan­tas­tic this col­lec­tion will be.

I’d like to thank Made­line and David for allow­ing me this oppor­tu­ni­ty and accept­ing my weird lit­tle sto­ry. I’ll talk more about “Not an Hon­ourable Dis­ease” clos­er to the release date of Novem­ber, 2015. For now, I’ll just bask in my own warm glow of hap­pi­ness.