Introducing the newest member of the tribe!

No, I have not been busy procreating, but I can see how the title might lead you to that conclusion. I am, however, as proud of my new ‘son’ as if he were my own progeny.

Introducing the official mascot of Shelf Monkey (the blog and the novel):


Darwin came to me via a Thanksgiving visit from my parents, who are now officially the coolest ‘rents on the planet. They came across him in a store in Winnipeg, and while the proprietor was reluctant to let him go, the blatant FOR SALE sign hanging about his neck sealed the deal.

Darwin is carved from solid granite, in what must have been a time-consuming task. I think you’ll agree that he’s a beauty. The detail of the watch, the book he’s contemplating –

– it all works so wonderfully well. Is it any wonder he’s now my new reading buddy?

In addition to his grand personal choices in reading material, he’s also a hell of an attentive cat-sitter.

I’m thinking of teaming Darwin up with Mocha (the cat) for a neighbourhood watch program. Darwin and Mocha, fightin’ crime!

Yes, life is officially better round these parts, now that Darwin has taken up residence in my home (and in my heart).