The Subconscious Interview with Madeline Ashby

The Sub­con­scious Inter­view: where the inter­vie­wee dou­bles as inter­view­er, because the real inter­view­er (i.e. me) needs a nap.

Today, Cana­di­an sci­ence-fic­tion author/futurist Made­line Ash­by faces her tough­est inter­view­er: her part­ner David Nick­le (soon to be an inter­vie­wee as well).

Maybe that’s a cheat. But then again, I’m sleepy.

Read the ini­tial Con­scious Inter­view with Ms. Ash­by here.


M.A. — I asked my part­ner, David Nick­le, to come up with some ques­tions. I knew I would lie if I asked them myself.

1. How do you get there from here?

Just by doing. The way out is through. I wish there were anoth­er answer, but there isn’t.

2. What’s the best way to kill a man?

In Reno. Just to watch him die.

3. Where is my sand­wich?

Now I have to explain to the nice folks on the Inter­net that you’re not a misog­y­nist dude-bro who wants his woman to make him a sam­mich. I have to tell them that this is an in-joke between the two of us, because of that time you picked up a sand­wich from Sub­way on the way home to our first apart­ment, and you lost the damn thing in your pock­et. You searched high. You searched low. You searched all around. It was a real Lit­tle Gold­en Book moment. For one ter­ri­ble instant, you even won­dered if you’d eat­en the thing with­out real­iz­ing it. You were even con­sid­er­ing going out again when I asked, inno­cent­ly, “Is it in your pock­et?” And lo. There it was.