The Subconscious Interview with Madeline Ashby

The Subconscious Interview: where the interviewee doubles as interviewer, because the real interviewer (i.e. me) needs a nap.

Today, Canadian science-fiction author/futurist Madeline Ashby faces her toughest interviewer: her partner David Nickle (soon to be an interviewee as well).

Maybe that’s a cheat. But then again, I’m sleepy.

Read the initial Conscious Interview with Ms. Ashby here.


M.A. — I asked my partner, David Nickle, to come up with some questions. I knew I would lie if I asked them myself.

1. How do you get there from here?

Just by doing. The way out is through. I wish there were another answer, but there isn’t.

2. What’s the best way to kill a man?

In Reno. Just to watch him die.

3. Where is my sandwich?

Now I have to explain to the nice folks on the Internet that you’re not a misogynist dude-bro who wants his woman to make him a sammich. I have to tell them that this is an in-joke between the two of us, because of that time you picked up a sandwich from Subway on the way home to our first apartment, and you lost the damn thing in your pocket. You searched high. You searched low. You searched all around. It was a real Little Golden Book moment. For one terrible instant, you even wondered if you’d eaten the thing without realizing it. You were even considering going out again when I asked, innocently, “Is it in your pocket?” And lo. There it was.