Husk in audiobook form!

Husk on audiobook? Awesome!It has come to pass; I have conquered another media format.

After my triumphs in the publishing world, followed closely by mastery of online social media, I now take the first bold step into the world of audio.

Which means, of course, that the audiobook version of Husk is now ready for download! No longer will people be denied access to my glorious literary gifts while they drive! Listen to the Great Canadian Gay Zombie Novel while you take your morning walk!

Head on over to, and give a listen to talented reader Paul Costanzo wrapping his immense baritone voice around my admittedly silly sentences.

So that’s the written word, the spoken word, and the electronic word; can the movie version be far behind? Hollywood, I await your call. After all, if people like Warm Bodies, they’ll love Husk!