Scary/gross/cool, or, horror movie memories (NSFW)

Day 22: Video fright­mares!

And now, some moments from hor­ror movies that have always stuck with me, i.e. this is prob­a­bly why I’m so screwed up inside. Some of these clips are scary, some are just gross, and some (espe­cial­ly the last one) are just so damned cool.

By the way: Prob­a­bly NSFW. I don’t know your job sit­u­a­tion, but c’mon, there’s some naughty words and night­mar­ish imagery here. I’ll label each clip with a con­tent warn­ing, just to be sure.

1. Scary/gross. Quint meets his match, Jaws.

2. Scary/gross. Lau­rence Fish­burne gets a glimpse of “a dimen­sion of pure chaos,” Event Hori­zon.

3. Scary/gross. Eye­less vic­tim, The Birds.

4. Scary. This sub­stan­tial BOO! moment, Insid­i­ous.

5. Scary. Good­night nurse, and good­bye, The Exor­cist III.

6. Gross!! Unex­pect­ed face peel, Pol­ter­geist.

7. Scary. Video con­fes­sion, The Blair Witch Project.

8. Gross/cool! Tequi­la worm with an atti­tude, Pol­ter­geist II.

9. Scary. The dance of death, Twin Peaks.

10. Scary/gross/cool! Head-spi­der! The Thing.

11. Cooooool­l­l­l­l­ll!!!! Bruce Camp­bell becomes all things glo­ri­ous and right in the uni­verse, Evil Dead II.

 It’s Octo­ber, so hor­ror.