Scary/gross/cool, or, horror movie memories (NSFW)

Day 22: Video frightmares!

And now, some moments from horror movies that have always stuck with me, i.e. this is probably why I’m so screwed up inside. Some of these clips are scary, some are just gross, and some (especially the last one) are just so damned cool.

By the way: Probably NSFW. I don’t know your job situation, but c’mon, there’s some naughty words and nightmarish imagery here. I’ll label each clip with a content warning, just to be sure.

1. Scary/gross. Quint meets his match, Jaws.

2. Scary/gross. Laurence Fishburne gets a glimpse of “a dimension of pure chaos,” Event Horizon.

3. Scary/gross. Eyeless victim, The Birds.

4. Scary. This substantial BOO! moment, Insidious.

5. Scary. Goodnight nurse, and goodbye, The Exorcist III.

6. Gross!! Unexpected face peel, Poltergeist.

7. Scary. Video confession, The Blair Witch Project.

8. Gross/cool! Tequila worm with an attitude, Poltergeist II.

9. Scary. The dance of death, Twin Peaks.

10. Scary/gross/cool! Head-spider! The Thing.

11. Coooooolllllll!!!! Bruce Campbell becomes all things glorious and right in the universe, Evil Dead II.

 It’s October, so horror.