Halloween in either two minutes or a goodly chunklet of your life


Day 18: Speed dating a horror icon

HalloweenFun fact: if you were to sit through all ten (!) Halloween films, from beginning to end, it would take 15 hours 47 minutes from your life? And that’s not taking into consideration all the director’s/producer’s/television/unrated cuts that are floating in the Hollywood ether.

Almost 16 hours. Who has time for that? What

So, in the interest of saving you valuable timetime that you could spend watching other films, or even better, reading Husk (blatant plug!)the good people at Cinefix have thoughtfully condensed the entire series into one easily digestible two-minute chunk of crudely animated wonder.

Thanks, CineFix! Now I can watch From Beyond again!

*NOTE* I do not endorse this product, nor the content. In fact, I quite enjoyed the Rob Zombie flicks.

Myers on breakFor all of October, I’ll be posting scribblings with a horror theme. Because what is the Internet if not a forum for useless thoughts of necessity to no one?