31 Lists of Horror: Mark A. Rayner’s Rejected Halloween Cereals

Today, in Day 18 of 31 Lists of Hor­ror, it’s time we took a good long look at the most impor­tant hor­ri­fy­ing meal of the day with sad­ly-reject­ed edi­ble sequels to Boober­ry and Count Choc­u­la.

Today’s special guest lister: Mark A. Rayner

Mark A. Rayn­er is a Cana­di­an author of satire, humour and spec­u­la­tive fic­tion from Lon­don, Ontario. He is the author of many nov­els, includ­ing The Amadeus Net, Mar­vel­lous Hairy, and The Fridgu­lar­i­ty, which won the 2013 Indie Read­er Dis­cov­ery Award for Best Humor book. He has also writ­ten numer­ous short sto­ries, and has been nom­i­nat­ed for the Prix Auro­ra Award (for short fic­tion) three times. His newest nov­el, The Fat­ness, will be released in Novem­ber 2017.

October 18, 2017

Rejected Halloween-Themed Breakfast Cereals


10. Candy Corn Pops
9. Werewolf Balls

Image by Neil Dar­byshire. He also has a cool Kick­starter going for a near Adven­ture­Band. Click the image for more info.

8. Creepy Clown Crunch
7. Slutty Nurse Puffs
6. Green Gooey Grahams
5. Fruity Mime Berets
4. Black Cat Smacks
3. Crunchy Pirate Hooks
2. Pumpkin Bran
1. Sugar-Coated Hobo Flakes


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