31 Lists of Horror: Dominik Parisien and the Garden Wall

Today, in the twelfth of 31 Lists of Hor­ror, we delve into the weird­ly adult world of children’s ani­ma­tion.
Today’s special guest lister: Dominik Parisien

Dominik Parisien is the co-edi­tor, with Navah Wolfe, of the forth­com­ing Robots vs Fairies, and The Star­lit Wood: New Fairy Tales, which won the Shirley Jack­son Award and was a final­ist for the World Fan­ta­sy award, the British Fan­ta­sy Award, and the Locus Award. He also edit­ed the Auro­ra Award-nom­i­nat­ed Clock­work Cana­da: Steam­punk Fic­tion. His fic­tion, poet­ry, and essays have appeared in Uncan­ny Mag­a­zineStrange Hori­zonsELQ/Exile: The Lit­er­ary Quar­ter­lyThose Who Make Us: Cana­di­an Crea­ture, Myth, and Mon­ster Sto­ries, as well as oth­er mag­a­zines and antholo­gies. He is a dis­abled, French Cana­di­an liv­ing in Toron­to.

October 13, 2017

Top 10 Best Episodes of Over the Garden Wall


Have you watched Over the Gar­den Wall? If you’ve seen it you know I’m cheat­ing, because the minis­eries ran on The Car­toon Net­work for 10 episodes. Mis­lead­ing title? Sure, but this lit­tle show is an absolute­ly per­fect Hal­loween watch. Most episodes run around ten min­utes, so the entire thing is binge­able in a sin­gle night. Maybe treat it like a Hal­loween cal­en­dar, savour­ing one episode a night lead­ing up to the big day or, bet­ter yet, just glut your­self like a kid back from trick-or-treat­ing and watch the entire thing in one sit­ting.

So what is it? Over the Gar­den Wall fol­lows Wirt and Greg, two both­ers lost in a strange for­est try­ing to find their way home. They encounter all man­ner of strange things on their jour­ney, includ­ing a talk­ing Blue­bird called Beat­rice, ghosts, a ter­ri­fy­ing Beast, can­dy cam­ou­flage, and some very strange pump­kins, to name but a few.

That’s all well and good, but why should you watch it? Here are ten good rea­sons.

1) The visuals are utterly gorgeous and dripping with atmosphere.

2) This Halloween perfection.

3) Wonderful echoes of fairy and folk tales.

4) This frog called, among other things, “Kitty”, “Wirt, Jr.”, “George Washington”, and “Jason Funderburker.”

Kit­ty”, “Wirt, Jr.”, “George Wash­ing­ton”, “Jason Fun­der­burk­er”

5) Terrific voice acting by the leads Elijah Wood, Collin Dean, and Melanie Lynskey.

6) Tim Curry as Auntie Whispers

7) Christopher Lloyd as The Woodsman

8) John Cleese as Adelaide

9) A lovely Soundtrack.

10) Very creepy scenes like this.

Bonus: 11) The Beast. Not pictured, because spoilers, but definitely a reason to watch.

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