31 Lists of Horror: Claude Lalumière’s Creepy Halloween Story Collections

How­ev­er you want to say and/or spell it—Halloween, Hallowe’en, All Hal­lows Eve, All Hal­low Even, Can­dy from Strangers Night—October 31 is indis­putably the cor­po­rate-man­dat­ed spook­i­est time of year. With that in mind, I present 31 Lists of Hor­ror, of my own and of my lit­er­ary brethren both near and far.

Tonight’s special guest lister: Claude Lalumière.

Claude Lalu­mière is the author of more than 100 sto­ries (many of them creepy). His fourth book, Ven­era Dreams: A Weird Enter­tain­ment, was pub­lished by MiroLand/Guernica Edi­tions in August 2017 and was a Great Books Mar­quee selec­tion of the Word on the Street in Toron­to.

October 16, 2017

Top 10 13 Creepy Story Collections

(because 13 is a more appropriate number for Halloween)


  1. The Brains of Rats, by Michael Blum­lein
  2. Tales of Ter­ror and Mys­tery, by Arthur Conan Doyle
  3. Lit­tle Tales of Misog­y­ny, by Patri­cia High­smith
  4. The Melan­choly of Anato­my, by Shel­ley Jack­son
  5. The Song­birds of Pain, by Gar­ry Kil­worth
  6. High Cot­ton: Select­ed Sto­ries, by Joe Lans­dale
  7. Tamas­tara, or the Indi­an Nights, by Tanith Lee
  8. The Col­lec­tion, by Bent­ley Lit­tle
  9. Clare­mont Tales, by Richard Lupoff
  10. This Strange Way of Dying: Sto­ries of Mag­ic, Desire & the Fan­tas­tic, by Sil­via Moreno-Gar­cia
  11. Famous Mon­sters, by Kim New­man
  12. The Ends of the Earth, by Lucius Shep­ard
  13. The Cleft and Oth­er Odd Tales, by Gahan Wil­son


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