Halifax! Latin for “hold that fax?”

It is a wonderful, wonderful city, a beacon on the hill, a shining example of what humanity can achieve.

Halifax! We think. I lost the map.

After the vicious Monctonites and the sea-monsterish Saint John denizens, we were understandably tentative on another event, but Halifax (oh, Halifax!) soothed our woes with gracious hosts and enormous steins of mead.

Now, I must admit, the three of us were unprepared for the state of your average Haligonian, particularly because Ian Colford makes his home there. However, it turns out he emigrated from parts beyond, and cannot be considered an average resident. Youraverage Haligonian is a Brobdingnagan example of man, giangantinormous, if you will.

At the outskirts, we come across an average Haligonian who bids us welcome to this land of enchantment.

I have tales of wonder and enchantment, but the countryside beckons. Fredericton awaits, and updates must take second place to the open road.