Get me on Canada Reads!

Note: this is a completely self-serving post, with nothing but by own selfish interests at heart. So, it’s pretty much like most posts you’ll find on the blogosphere.

As many of you may know, a few years ago I published a little tome entitled Shelf Monkey (hey, that’s the title of the blog! Drink!). It was fairly well-received, had a nice shelf life, and now gets me into parties with a good opening line. “Yeah, I wrote a book once…”

Well, I’d like to extend my fame a little farther, if I may. Some would do this by, oh, writing another book (which is definitely coming – more later!). But right now, I’d like to get a little more recognition for my debut, praised by a cousin as being “pretty good. I wouldn’t read it again, but…yeah.”

Here in the great wilderness of Canada, we have what has quickly become an annual tradition of arguing over and then reading the same book from coast to coast. It’s called Canada Reads, and normally, the books nominated for debate are chosen by that year’s celebrity judges. Very often, famous books are chosen, and well-deserving publications by smaller presses fall by the wayside. However, this year, the rules have altered, allowing me one slim chance of sliding through to victory.

This year, the public can vote.

That’s right: this year, anyone (meaning all of us) can write in with our personal choices (limited to the last ten years). From that list, the top 40 will be proclaimed as “the Top 40 Essential Canadian Novels of the Decade.” Heady stuff, but there can be only one. From those forty, the five judges will choose one novel each to argue over on national television and radio, resulting in one novel to rule them all.

Whoa, Highlander and LOTR references, both in one paragraph!

So, please, vote for Shelf Monkey. I don’t ask for much, God knows. I hold no illusions as to winning, but to get in the Top 40 would be a coup.

Click here to vote. And win prizes, did I forget to mention that? Awesome prize packages are available.