A Great First Day to Start Off HUSAKAPALLOOSA

Man, what a great first day of touring. Had a terrific time with Marilyn Mackie during my all-too-brief CBC Radio Noon interview, and then continued the fun with a live interview at the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe.

Dan Lett was just a terrific interviewer, and it was a real pleasure conversing with him, as well as watching my now rather infamous book trailer, which had the interviewer and audience in stitches.

And then, off to Brandon, MB, for an evening of zombies both literary and cinematic. A reading at the Evans Theatre was tonnes of fun, with a greatly appreciative audience who seemed to wholeheartedly accept that I am a strange man with strange thoughts.

It evoked a tingling sensation in my nethers to see piles of the books for the first time, and to watch them quickly dwindle as they were snapped up. And to see copies of Shelf Monkey back on a sales table was a joy.


And the movie, A Little Bit Zombie? So much damned fun. A great little low budget Canadian zombie comedy with great timing and laughs. I was never not smiling, and a few of the one-liners were absolute killers.

All in all, an auspicious start. Met some great people, had an absolute blast the entire time. Thanks, CBC, Free Press, and everyone in Brandon, I don’t think I could have had a better day.