Sometimes an exploding head is all you need

Day 11: what lies behind the gore

Although the Canucksploitation movie Scanners is admittedly an uneven affair (yet still completely and utterly awesome, thanks in no small part to the insane ham-genius that is Patrick McGoohan), there’s no denying the iconic power of one particular image. You know the one: Canadian actor Louis del Grande’s head, pummelled by Michael Ironside’s psychic onslaught, explodes into gore. That one effect, more than anything else, put director David Cronenberg on the map.

Now, as part of a new Criterion release of Scanners (which I desperately crave over all other things, ever), they’ve released some behind-the-scenes footage of how that effect was ultimately accomplished. The whole movie was low-budget, but the ultimate solution to this effect was way old school.

It goes without saying, this is probably NSFW. But still cool.

For the month of October I’ll be posting a whole mess of junk about various aspect of horror. Just stuff I like, because I’m lazy that way.