Sometimes an exploding head is all you need

Day 11: what lies behind the gore

Although the Canuck­sploita­tion movie Scan­ners is admit­ted­ly an uneven affair (yet still com­plete­ly and utter­ly awe­some, thanks in no small part to the insane ham-genius that is Patrick McGoohan), there’s no deny­ing the icon­ic pow­er of one par­tic­u­lar image. You know the one: Cana­di­an actor Louis del Grande’s head, pum­melled by Michael Ironside’s psy­chic onslaught, explodes into gore. That one effect, more than any­thing else, put direc­tor David Cro­nen­berg on the map.

Now, as part of a new Cri­te­ri­on release of Scan­ners (which I des­per­ate­ly crave over all oth­er things, ever), they’ve released some behind-the-scenes footage of how that effect was ulti­mate­ly accom­plished. The whole movie was low-bud­get, but the ulti­mate solu­tion to this effect was way old school.

It goes with­out say­ing, this is prob­a­bly NSFW. But still cool.

For the month of Octo­ber I’ll be post­ing a whole mess of junk about var­i­ous aspect of hor­ror. Just stuff I like, because I’m lazy that way.