Corey uses child labour! Also, HUSK has a trailer!

There’s a plus and a minus to book trailers:

PLUS – an effective book trailer can tease people into wanting to know more, and puts images front and centre, which is undeniably more memorable and effective than a mention in a newspaper.

MINUS – Most people have no idea what a book trailer is.

For the uninitiated, think of a book trailer as a teaser for a movie made of paper.

I always wanted to do a trailer (never got around to it for Shelf Monkey), so I batted some ideas around. Should I have zombies and an eerie score? It seemed to obvious, so I decided to go strange. I wanted something quirky and memorable, something connected to the story yet not of the story.

And then it hit me with a thunderbolt: if there is one thing that’s funny in this messed-up world, its children swearing.

I wrote a quick script, hired (read: forced) my seven nieces and nephews to come up with images, and coerced one of them to narrate.

And, viola! We’ve created a masterpiece!

So there you have it. Please feel free to pass this along via your various social media. I think you’ll agree, it demands to be seen. Let’s get this baby out there, make it as viral as a zombie bite.