Coming in 2015: The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir (featuring moi)

As promised some time ago, in March 2015 the new anthology The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir shall hit the shelves of your local (and presumably awesome) bookseller. And as also promised, my short story “Moot” shall take a highlighted role. I use “highlighted” to mean that a short description of the story’s plot is prominent in the official anthology description (below).

DeadNorthThe book is the tenth in Exile Editions‘ ongoing anthology series, after the fantastic Dead North: Canadian Zombie Fiction and Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse (both helmed by the fabulous Silvia Moreno-Garcia [read her 2014 Bookmas recommendations here]). You can see the final cover below, and while I admit a fondness for my past take on it (what can I say? I’m a Photoshop narcissist), it is a deeply cool image. And should anyone ask, that’s me on the cover. You don’t know it isn’t! I’ve been working out! Or at least eating less!

Here’s the full deets, plus the description. Figure out which sentence references “Moot” and win a prize!

Said prize being the satisfaction of figuring it out. Which boosts your self-esteem. Which is a priceless quality. Lucky you!

The Exile Book of New Canadian NoirThe Exile Book of New Canadian Noir
The Exile Book of Anthology Series: Number Ten
Edited by Claude Lalumière and David Nickle

8.5 x 5.5  Paperback   978-1-55096-460-8   $19.95   March 1, 2015


22 stories that ride the cutting edge of this exciting genre.

Old vines and older grudges tangle in the Okanagan Valley. An elderly widow, eking  out a living collecting detritus, seeks to avenge the murder of her friend. A love-weary security guard clashes with bounty hunters. An ursine meth-cooker faces even stranger creatures on the frozen tundra of Nunavut. As the dead walk and the living despair, a private detective unravels a bizarre mystery.

In The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir, the whole spectrum of the noir esthetic is explored: from its hard-boiled home in crime fiction to its grim forays into horror, fantasy, and surrealism; from the dystopian shadows it casts in science fiction to the mixture of desire and corruption it brings to erotica; from the blood-spattered romance of the frontier to the stark nihilism of literary realism.

Featuring new stories by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Corey Redekop, Keith Cadieux, Michael S. Chong, Rich Larson, Kevin Cockle, Michael Mirolla, Colleen Anderson, Shane Simmons, Kelly Robson, Steve Vernon, Edward McDermott, Hermine Robinson, Simon Strantzas, Laird Long, Chadwick Ginther, Dale Sproule, David Menear, Alex C. Renwick, Patrick Fleming, Ada Hoffmann, and Joel Thomas Hynes.