Will I be in a new noir anthology? The question is “Moot.”

My new author photo.

Ah, noir fiction. For me, there’s nothing more romantic than the image of the hardboiled author sitting down at his underwood, cup of raw java on one side and a shot of bourbon on the other, scratching at his three-day stubble and writing of corrupt private eyes battling crime and morality with a quick wit and quicker draw. Is there anything finer?

Yes, probably there is, but for the purposes of this post we’ll just assume no.

Nothing better. Except, of course, for Canadian noir fiction. Which is where I’m going with all this.

A few months ago, the dynamic editing duo of Claude Lalumière (author, Objects of WorshipThe Door to Lost Pages) and David Nickle (author, EutopiaMonstrous Affections) put out a call for short story submissions for an upcoming anthology, The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir. While I’m a true neophyte to short story writing—the last short story I ever wrote was in grade school—I decided to have a go and push myself a little.

And lo, and behold, and discover what I have wrought: my shortish freshman fiction “Moot”—a tale of lonely detectives, dames, missing children, death, cults, and just a touch of the supernatural—has found itself a home among 21 other stories by some very talented Canadian authors.

Fair to say I’m bursting with pride and excitement and other fluids, so much so that I’m going to have to temper this enthusiasm so that I don’t burn out before 2015. So, to tide me over, I present a little mock cover that I whipped together last night in Photoshop.

Please enjoy, and I’ll let you know more on this soon.