Will I be in a new noir anthology? The question is “Moot.”

My new author pho­to.

Ah, noir fic­tion. For me, there’s noth­ing more roman­tic than the image of the hard­boiled author sit­ting down at his under­wood, cup of raw java on one side and a shot of bour­bon on the oth­er, scratch­ing at his three-day stub­ble and writ­ing of cor­rupt pri­vate eyes bat­tling crime and moral­i­ty with a quick wit and quick­er draw. Is there any­thing fin­er?

Yes, prob­a­bly there is, but for the pur­pos­es of this post we’ll just assume no.

Noth­ing bet­ter. Except, of course, for Cana­di­an noir fic­tion. Which is where I’m going with all this.

A few months ago, the dynam­ic edit­ing duo of Claude Lalu­mière (author, Objects of Wor­shipThe Door to Lost Pages) and David Nick­le (author, EutopiaMon­strous Affec­tions) put out a call for short sto­ry sub­mis­sions for an upcom­ing anthol­o­gy, The Exile Book of New Cana­di­an Noir. While I’m a true neo­phyte to short sto­ry writing—the last short sto­ry I ever wrote was in grade school—I decid­ed to have a go and push myself a lit­tle.

And lo, and behold, and dis­cov­er what I have wrought: my short­ish fresh­man fic­tion “Moot”—a tale of lone­ly detec­tives, dames, miss­ing chil­dren, death, cults, and just a touch of the supernatural—has found itself a home among 21 oth­er sto­ries by some very tal­ent­ed Cana­di­an authors.

Fair to say I’m burst­ing with pride and excite­ment and oth­er flu­ids, so much so that I’m going to have to tem­per this enthu­si­asm so that I don’t burn out before 2015. So, to tide me over, I present a lit­tle mock cov­er that I whipped togeth­er last night in Pho­to­shop.

Please enjoy, and I’ll let you know more on this soon.