A mysterious package…is it xmas already?

Once upon a time, on a lovely fall day, a mysterious package was delivered to my door. My helpful shelf monkey Darwin signed for it, and waited patiently for me to come home from work.

What could it be? we both wondered in italics. The suspense was electric, but as we are both afraid of sharp objects, opening the package might prove a daunting task.

To hell with our irrational fear of paper cuts! I’m opening it! And then, with all the solemnity of opening the ark of the covenant, I pried open the formidable cardboard shell, to reveal face-melting brilliance!

I brace myself, then open one of the books, knowing that my mere touch reduces the resale price by up to 30%.

I looked in, and it was good. Then I turned it over, and found endorsements galore!

I immediately placed copies on my oh-you-wish-you-had-one Shelf Monkey bookshelf.

And then, satisfied, I settled down to read my new favourite book to my favourite girl.

The end?