Bookmas! with Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Book­mas: When even a bag full of mon­ey is an unac­cept­able gift.

Today’s not-so-secret Book­San­ta: Sil­via Moreno-Gar­cia!

Sil­via Moreno-Gar­cia’s debut nov­el, Sig­nal to Noise, about music, sor­cery and Mex­i­co City, will be released in Feb­ru­ary. Her short sto­ry col­lec­tion This Strange Way of Dying was a final­ist for the Sun­burst Award for Excel­lence in Cana­di­an Lit­er­a­ture of the Fan­tas­tic. Her work has also been col­lect­ed as Love & Oth­er Poi­sons. She has edit­ed sev­er­al antholo­gies, includ­ing Frac­tured: Tales of the Cana­di­an Post-Apoc­a­lypse and Dead North. She’s on Twit­ter @silviamg.

Due to pri­or com­mit­ments she refus­es to speak of (ooh, mys­te­ri­ous!), Ms. Moreno-Gar­cia will instead rec­om­mend books she her­self has not read yet but can­not wait to. So it’s Book­mas for every­one!

Com­plic­it by Stephanie Kuehn. Peo­ple have called it mind-bend­ing. It’s a psy­cho­log­i­cal thriller about Jamie Hen­ry and his old­er sis­ter Cate, who was sent to a juve­nile deten­tion facil­i­ty for burn­ing down a horse barn. Then she comes back home. And there’s a mys­tery and secrets.

Lagoon by Nne­di Oko­rafor. The lat­est nov­el by Nne­di takes places in Lagos and blends sci­ence fic­tion with philo­soph­i­cal and polit­i­cal issues.

Bald New World by Peter Tieryas. Every­one has gone bald and wig-mak­ing is a lucra­tive busi­ness. And it’s not about that at all at the same time. Has been com­pared to Philip K. Dick and Muraka­mi.

The Girl from the Well by Rin Chu­peco. Described as a cross between The Ring and Dex­ter. Dead Japan­ese girl hunts crim­i­nals.

Non-fic­tion I intend­ed to buy includes As You Wish: Incon­ceiv­able Tales from the Mak­ing of The Princess Bride and Spark from the Deep: How Shock­ing Exper­i­ments with Strong­ly Elec­tric Fish Pow­ered Sci­en­tif­ic Dis­cov­ery.

As for oth­er forms of enter­tain­ment I can rec­om­mend that you pur­chase Edge of Tomor­row (yeah, the time loop movie with Tom Cruise) and the orig­i­nal nov­el it is based on.

As for “What’s the one book you’ve read in your life­time that you think every­one should read?”