Bookmas! with Craig Davidson

Bookmas: that time of year when the pen is mightier than not only the sword, but also socks, gift cards, and video games. Maybe not a PS4, however; that item is tight!

Today’s not-so-secret BookSanta: Craig Davidson!

CRAIG DAVIDSON has published four utterly brilliant works of literary fiction: 2013’s Giller Award-nominated Cataract CityRust and Bone (made into an Oscar-nominated feature film), The Fighter, and Sarah Court. Under his pseudonym Nick Cutter, he has also published the astonishing horror novel The Troop, with The Deep due in early 2015. Davidson is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and his articles and journalism have been published in the National Post, Esquire, GQ, The Walrus, and The Washington Post, among others.

1. What 2014-published fiction would you recommend?

Walt, by Russell Wangersky. Or Ian Weir’s Will Starling.

2. What 2014-published book do you believe needs more love?

I thought Cloud, by Eric McCormack was awful darn good. Jawbone Lake by Ray Robinson was also outstanding.

3. What book that you’ve read in 2014 (not necessarily a 2014 book) would you recommend?

I read the Preacher comic series. Not sure why it took me that long. Helluva ride.

4. What ongoing series of books would you recommend?

Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole stuff is always super-strong.

5. What author would you recommend?

Unreservedly? Hmm. Maybe . . . Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is a book that I recommend unreservedly. I know everyone probably does, but I’ve never had a book that I read, told someone else they had to read, that someone else loved it and passed it on, and on, and on . . . that book spread like wildfire amongst my friends and family and everyone loved it, which is a huge rarity.

6. What’s the one book you’ve read in your lifetime that you think everyone should read?

Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

7. Let’s go specific: what books would you recommend for:

8. And finally, what would you recommend for the holidays in a non-literary context, i.e. not a book recommendation. Doesn’t have to be a gift idea.

A juicer. Keep yourself in good bodily health, people! Juice your greens and avoid colds this winter.