Bookmas! with Craig Davidson

Book­mas: that time of year when the pen is might­i­er than not only the sword, but also socks, gift cards, and video games. Maybe not a PS4, how­ev­er; that item is tight!

Today’s not-so-secret Book­San­ta: Craig David­son!

CRAIG DAVIDSON has pub­lished four utter­ly bril­liant works of lit­er­ary fic­tion: 2013’s Giller Award-nom­i­nat­ed Cataract CityRust and Bone (made into an Oscar-nom­i­nat­ed fea­ture film), The Fight­er, and Sarah Court. Under his pseu­do­nym Nick Cut­ter, he has also pub­lished the aston­ish­ing hor­ror nov­el The Troop, with The Deep due in ear­ly 2015. David­son is a grad­u­ate of the Iowa Writ­ers’ Work­shop, and his arti­cles and jour­nal­ism have been pub­lished in the Nation­al Post, Esquire, GQ, The Wal­rus, and The Wash­ing­ton Post, among oth­ers.

1. What 2014-pub­lished fic­tion would you rec­om­mend?

Walt, by Rus­sell Wanger­sky. Or Ian Weir’s Will Star­ling.

2. What 2014-pub­lished book do you believe needs more love?

I thought Cloud, by Eric McCor­ma­ck was awful darn good. Jaw­bone Lake by Ray Robin­son was also out­stand­ing.

3. What book that you’ve read in 2014 (not nec­es­sar­i­ly a 2014 book) would you rec­om­mend?

I read the Preach­er com­ic series. Not sure why it took me that long. Hel­lu­va ride.

4. What ongo­ing series of books would you rec­om­mend?

Jo Nesbø’s Har­ry Hole stuff is always super-strong.

5. What author would you rec­om­mend?

Unre­served­ly? Hmm. Maybe … Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is a book that I rec­om­mend unre­served­ly. I know every­one prob­a­bly does, but I’ve nev­er had a book that I read, told some­one else they had to read, that some­one else loved it and passed it on, and on, and on … that book spread like wild­fire amongst my friends and fam­i­ly and every­one loved it, which is a huge rar­i­ty.

6. What’s the one book you’ve read in your life­time that you think every­one should read?

Where the Red Fern Grows by Wil­son Rawls

7. Let’s go spe­cif­ic: what books would you rec­om­mend for:

8. And final­ly, what would you rec­om­mend for the hol­i­days in a non-lit­er­ary con­text, i.e. not a book rec­om­men­da­tion. Doesn’t have to be a gift idea.

A juicer. Keep your­self in good bod­i­ly health, peo­ple! Juice your greens and avoid colds this win­ter.